What is Scandishake Mix?

Scandishake Mix is a powdered high calorie, high energy drink supplement for individuals for suffer from involuntary weight loss or medical patients who experience weight loss due to a medical condition. Scandishake Mix is an ideal energy supplement for all types of individuals who are unable to meet their daily nutritious needs through a normal diet. Scandishake Mix ultimately provides basic assistance for individuals requiring weight gain in a safe and controlled manner. Scandishake Mix should not be used as a source of sole nutrition and should be taken as a high energy supplement along with a 'normal' diet.

Scandishake Mix powder is designed to be mixed with fresh skimmed milk to create a delicious milkshake style drink which is enriched in calories, carbohydrates, fat and minerals to support healthy weight gain and weight maintenance.

ScandiShake Strawberry
Scandishake Chocolate
Scandishake Vanilla
Scandishake Banana
ScandiShake Strawberry
ScandiShake Banana
ScandiShake Vanilla
ScandiShake Chocolate
All Scandshake Mix contain the same minerals and the same quanity of each mineral, regardless of flavour.

The following minerals can be found throughout the Scandishake range:

(Per Serving)

Sodium - 220mg
Chloride - 389mg
Calcium - 369mg
Phosphorus - 365mg
Magnesium - 55mg
Potassium - 580mg
Enshake is available in several flavours

which include:

- Enshake Strawberry
- Enshake Banana
- Enshake Vanilla
- Enshake Chocolate